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    The lack of forward movement in front-end web development by government agencies may be our own fault, says Chris Heilmann. And I agree. Completely.

    I’ve been increasingly biting in my reactions to many admittedly fun but practically useless “demos”, “experiments” and other assorted HTML5 and CSS3 nonsense like CSS3 icons. I always get flack for this, and I probably will now.

    While these experiments are easily defended—“just wanted to see what was possible”—they are generally non-complex (though they can be tedious; take one look at a CSS3 icon or font). They are, put bluntly, simply a way to show off. And as long as that works, it will continue. But what are these experiments helping, aside from the reputations of those who make them(!)?

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      I think the demos are extremely helpful for other developers. It’s a kickstart using the tags, selectors and styles, and it’s easy to download and play around with, and in the end incorporate in your own design.

      That said, what would really help governments adopt new technology is if they could finally understand progressive enhancement. And the fact that HTML/CSS3 helps creating more accessible websites. But yeah, on some demos i agree it’s just a showoff :)


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