• 201007 Sep

    With the constant move to replace Flash for simple use cases many websites are using HTML + CSS content sliders or carousels to show information. Many of these are quite complex and rely on animations created in javascript, the only way until CSS transitions were introduced into Webkit browsers (Safari, Chrome etc.) in 2008. By the end of 2010 transitions will be implemented in the stable build of all browsers apart from Internet Explorer – with features still being added to the IE9 previews we may even see them supported in IE9.

    Instead of always catering for the lowest common denominator, we can easily write code that uses different methods depending on the browser that the user is browsing with with the help of libraries such as Modernizr. Alternatively, if you don’t fancy using Modernizr, you can always strip out the functionality you need – it’s well written and is easy to pull apart.

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