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    Microsoft is currently working on developing the next installment of Internet Explorer. The beta of the 9th version of Internet Explorer (IE9) will be released on the 15th of September.

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       I’ve tried the IE9 platform preview, not too deep but i made sure that css3 rules as round corners and shadows (text n’ box) work, i’m glad that finally Microsoft get involved into this new concepts of web cuz i’m tired of making IE_hacks xD

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       IE9 has made great progress by implementing the HTML5 parsing engine, which gives us inline SVG and better markup handling, same as Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. And finally they give us CSS3 selectors. Oh, and actual standard JavaScript event handlers, hooray! But out of all the cool CSS3 visual and layout features, they give us only rounded corner radii and box shadows. Back in 2007 I talked with the IE team at a conference and they mentioned that they were looking closely at Webkit’s support for CSS3 transforms, transitions, animations, etc. to implement in the next version of IE. That was concerning the work they were doing on IE8. Of course, IE8 didn’t have anything from CSS3 to speak of. Now IE9 is coming out and this is all we get. Seems like Microsoft as a software company doesn’t consider the visual aspects of CSS3 that important. With every version they put there resources into backend implementations and ignored the parts needed for front end develop. Same as it ever was. I’m terribly disappointed.

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