• 201122 Apr

    When IE9 was released, I was really happy to see all the great CSS3 features it supported. 2D Transforms, advanced selectors, border-radius, rgba/hsla colors, WOFF fonts … the list goes on. And no polyfills required! I was, however, disappointed that IE9 doesn’t support two of my favorite CSS3 effects: border-image and text-shadow. I’m sure that I will notice other CSS3 effects missing over time, but these are two features that I currently find incredibly useful. This article will deal with text-shadow: how it works in browsers that support it, and strategies we can use today to emulate some of its functionality in IE. Although the solutions I present here are based on IE’s Visual Filters, and that some articles like this one by Neil Crosby have looked into it as a solution, I present here some new information – how to make them work correctly with Windows Standard and ClearType font-smoothing and how to write the final CSS that won’t break any browser.

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