• 201101 Mar

    Recently I’ve been working on the new website for my employers, Poke London, which launched last week. One of the things of which I’m proudest is the use of media queries to create a site which is sympathetic to small-screen devices. I learned a lot from developing with media queries, not least of which was the limit of what’s possible with them, so I thought it would be useful to present some of the key lessons learned in this post.

  • 201129 Jan

    A lightbox often refers to a pop-in window that can be used to display images, videos and html content in modern web applications. There are many fantastic javascript Lightbox solutions available on the web, however this article is focusing on CSS3 Modal Window solutions.

    CSS3 is still under development and not all browsers support it, which mean this CSS3 Lightbox solutions are not cross-browser compatible (only the latest versions of the modern non-IE web browsers support CSS3).

    In this post, I’ll be featuring 10 awesome CSS3 Lightbox and modal windows that you can use on you web applications.

  • 201127 Jan

    I posted a quick tutorial yesterday showing how to use a simple CSS3 technique to spin some icons on hover. I’ve posted CSS3 tutorials before but all of a sudden this latest one has already received a few negative comments complaining that they can’t use CSS3 yet. Of course you can! Get over the way you used to do things, move with the times and embrace the new hotness right now. Today.

  • 201119 Jan

    Here’s a CSS3 property that has very little support and that I’m not sure has too many real world applications or if it would even be extremely beneficial — the CSS3 resize property.

    The resize property is part of the W3C’s Basic User Interface Module, which is in the candidate recommendation stage.

    Unfortunately, the resize property is listed in the Features at Risk section of that same document, so it’s quite possible that this feature will be removed if browser-makers don’t support it. Nonetheless, here’s a quick review of exactly what this property is all about so you can decide if it’s of any practical use in your projects.

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