• 201005 Jun

    * Reviewed status of CSS2.1 test suite
    * Resolved: Publish new GCPM working draft.
    * Resolved: Accept dbaron’s proposal for CSS2.1 issue 26 with “(see above)” and s/specified/computed/ changes from Peter Moulder; open a new issue for the remaining points from Peter’s email.
    * Resolved: For CSS2.1 Issue 129, change the grammar to avoid backup. Exact changes TBD by Bert.
    * Resolved: Accept in principle to change the grammar for CSS 2.1 Issue 140 and note that we won’t use the additional capabilities (exact wording TBD by Bert).
    * Resolved: font-family names are ident+ or quoted strings (CSS2.1 Issue 114)

  • 201005 Jun

    * Resolved: Murakami-san added as editor of CSS3 Lists.
    * Resolved: Discussed various open CSS2.1 issues, various actions assigned.
    * Resolved: Accept Yves proposal for CSS2.1 Issue 139.
    * Resolved: Accept fantasai’s proposal for CSS2.1 Issue 146.
    * Resolved: Accept dbaron’s proposal for CSS2.1 Issue 122.
    * Resolved: No change for CSS2.1 Issue 144 (it’s a quirks mode question)
    * Resolved: Removes nonsensical sentence listed in this message for CSS2.1 Issue 147.
    * Resolved: Accept fantasai’s proposal for CSS 2.1 Issue 153.
    * Resolved: Add Bert’s example about clearance for CSS2.1 Issue 157.

  • 201026 May

    Firefox parent company Mozilla Corp. has hired Tantek Çelik, a well-known figure in the developer and open-Web community, for the role of Web standards lead.

    But as Mozilla deals with internal issues and a continued threat from Google’s Chrome, where exactly does this hire fit in? CNET spoke with Çelik on Tuesday, on the eve of his first day at the new job, and rather than talking about keeping ahead of Chrome or dealing with Facebook’s increasing dominance, he said that what’s really in his crosshairs is the iPhone–and how pretty it makes everything.

  • 201021 May

    Microsoft — the company we all love to hate — is turning over a new leaf. This is true, at least, with its latest iteration of Internet Explorer, the company’s web browser.

    IE — if you’ve already forgotten — was once a great web browser in the mid-90s, usurping the spot of the dominant browser of that decade: Netscape Navigator. The browser was a market innovator once.

    IE9, by the way it’s looking right now, is a vast improvement to the browsers Microsoft has been putting out as of late.

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