• 201003 Aug

    The CSS3 Playground is a web application for experimenting with some new css3 capabilities. Primarily those than conform to the progressive enhancement philosophy, which means that the styles can be used on all sites without severely changing/limiting the experience on browsers that does not support them (=Internet Explorer 8.0 and older). But there are also styles that may need better replacements on Internet Explorer such as rotation, and I hope I will have the time to add more in the future.

  • 201030 Jul

    We’re all really excited with the prospect of HTML5 and CSS3. Heck, I’m a marketer, and even I can see the positive impact this long overdue and refreshing change to the way we build websites will have. But there’s also a lot of hype and many conflicting opinions that do nothing but serve to confuse us all. That’s why I’m so pleased that we’ve partnered with John to develop both an HTML5 course and a CSS3 course that smash through the hype. These courses will focus on what you as a web designer can use and apply to your own or your clients’ websites right now.

    If you’re a web designer or developer and want to keep up with the HTML5 and CSS3 revolutions, these are two courses you don’t want to miss.

  • 201011 Jul

    For some vendor-specific CSS research I’m doing, I’ve created an overview page of vendor-prefixed CSS properties which are currently supported in the four most popular rendering engines. The overview also contains references to the specifications they’re part of (if any), non-prefixed versions in other browsers and some notes on special conditions of a property.

    One thing I noticed when creating the overview, is the amount of non-standard properties in WebKit. Looks like they got some catching up to do in terms of documenting their features.

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