• 201119 Jan

    Here’s a CSS3 property that has very little support and that I’m not sure has too many real world applications or if it would even be extremely beneficial — the CSS3 resize property.

    The resize property is part of the W3C’s Basic User Interface Module, which is in the candidate recommendation stage.

    Unfortunately, the resize property is listed in the Features at Risk section of that same document, so it’s quite possible that this feature will be removed if browser-makers don’t support it. Nonetheless, here’s a quick review of exactly what this property is all about so you can decide if it’s of any practical use in your projects.

  • 201118 Jan

    One of the most popular articles on Marcofolio.net in 2010 was the 3d animation using pure CSS3. In my opinion, it was one of the best articles for myself as well, since I learned some pretty neat stuff about CSS3 and 3d capibilities.

    Shortly after I placed my article online, Chris Spooner wrote a very cool article called Super Cool CSS Flip Effect with Webkit Animation. It showed me some great other 3d techniques that can be achieved using pure CSS3.

    Those two articles inspired me to create yet another very cool 3d CSS demo, that I like to call an Animated CSS3 helix using 3d transforms.

  • 201014 Dec

    Ladies and gentlemen, it is the second decade of the third millennium and we are still kicking around the same 2-D interface we got three decades ago. Sure, Apple debuted a few apps for OSX 10.7 that have a couple more 3-D flourishes, and Microsoft has had that Flip 3D for a while. But c’mon – 2011 is right around the corner. That’s Twenty Eleven, folks. Where is our 3-D virtual reality? By now, we should be zipping around the Metaverse on super-sonic motorbikes…

  • 201025 Nov

    Currently CSS Transitions have been developing slowly with the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) moderating discussion with other browsers, but support has rapidly grown in the past year. Safari and Chrome are leading, while the most recent build of IE and FireFox are lacking. Internet Explorer 9 (currently in beta) is probably not going to have CSS 3 transitions. IE’s lack of support is about as surprising as opening up a refrigerator to find food. On the other hand, it’s quite odd that FireFox hasn’t added CSS transitions yet.

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