• 201025 Nov

    Currently CSS Transitions have been developing slowly with the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) moderating discussion with other browsers, but support has rapidly grown in the past year. Safari and Chrome are leading, while the most recent build of IE and FireFox are lacking. Internet Explorer 9 (currently in beta) is probably not going to have CSS 3 transitions. IE’s lack of support is about as surprising as opening up a refrigerator to find food. On the other hand, it’s quite odd that FireFox hasn’t added CSS transitions yet.

  • 201024 Nov

    Search is one of the most important part of any website. Here I will show a few practical techniques for designing search forms and a few tricks to make usable and good-looking search functionality.

    Smashing Magazine did a piece on Search Boxes which inspired me to write this post. Instead of listing various types of designs, I will show you how to build them! Here, with the help of three examples, I will show how to code search boxes with HTML & CSS and how to spice things up with a bit of jQuery.

  • 201022 Nov

    What happens when your main content area needs two specific background colors: one for the primary content, and another for the sidebar? If you’ve ever tried applying the background to each container itself, you’ll no doubt have realized that your layout quickly becomes fragmented as soon as, say, the primary content section exceeds the height of the sidebar.

    Generally, the solution is to set a background image on the parent element, and set it to repeat vertically. However, if we get clever with CSS3 gradients, we can achieve the same effect with zero images. The irony in this is that we’re using CSS3 gradients to create an effect that doesn’t contain a gradient! Read on to learn more.

  • 201018 Nov

    When creating your web designs, you are always striving for a consistent look across the different browsers. Unfortunately, one of the most fundamental elements of your website – the browser controls – also prove the most difficult to style. Some of them, like the select element, are impossible to change beyond a certain extent.
    This is why, today we are building a script that is going to take an ordinary select element, and replace it with a better looking, markup powered version, while keeping all the functionality intact.

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